Whether you are under investigation for a crime, or have been arrested and charged, you need a criminal defense attorney.

Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have already been arrested, you should always exercise your right to remain silent and never consent to a search.

You should advise law enforcement that you will not answer any questions until you speak to an attorney even as you are being arrested.

As soon as possible, you should obtain the services of a lawyer.

In their investigations of alleged crimes, law enforcement officers sometimes go to extremes and take statements out of context in pursuit of arrests and convictions.  Even in situations where  police do not have enough evidence to arrest or search someone, people often times provide the evidence needed to convict themselves by their own statements, confessions or other evidence obtained through their own consent.

At the El Paso office of Hernandez & Hernandez we work to ensure that our clients receive smart and aggressive representation in criminal law matters from the time that an investigation begins through the filing of a court case and through a jury trial, when applicable.   You are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  We will work incessantly to ensure that you are afforded the presumption of innocence to which you are entitled, as well as all your other rights throughout the legal process.  During the legal process we will work to obtain and review all law enforcement reports and evidence, both against you and favorable to you, for purposes of evaluating your case and developing the best defense possible.  We will further evaluate your case to see whether law enforcement acted properly during its stop of you or search of property, and will file motions to suppress illegally obtained statements or evidence where appropriate.  Our commitment to you, or to your family member, is that we will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for each particular case.

We provide representation in state and federal misdemeanor and felony cases, including drug charges, assault and domestic violence cases, DWI, intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter, violations of protective orders, injury to a child or elderly individual, criminal mischief, fraud and theft.  We also handle matters associated with criminal charges such as modifications and violations of probation, expunctions of criminal records, petitions for nondisclosure of offenses for which deferred adjudication was completed, and essential needs or occupational driver’s licenses in the case of administrative license suspensions.

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