Whether you are being investigated or arrested for a crime, facing child abuse or neglect allegations brought by Child Protective Services, or have a family law matter for which an attorney is necessary, the Law Office of Hernandez & Hernandez is here to protect and defend you.

Criminal Law

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hernandez we work to ensure that our clients receive smart and aggressive representation in criminal law matters from the time that an investigation begins all the way through the jury trial, if necessary. We will work hard to try to get your case dismissed if possible, and to try to get you the best offer available if dismissal is not possible. We pledge to put on a vigorous and zealous defense at trial if an agreement is not reached with the State or the U.S. Attorney.  At Hernandez & Hernandez, you decide if we go to trial. We are not afraid to go to trial. In fact, we feel very confident when going to trial.   

During your case we will obtain and review, along with you, all law enforcement reports and evidence in order to evaluate the strength of the Government’s case against you. We will also identify and investigate evidence and witnesses of which the Government is not aware. We will further evaluate your case to see whether law enforcement acted properly and will file motions to suppress illegally obtained statements or evidence, where appropriate. Our commitment to you and to your family is that we will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for your particular case.

We have provided representation in state and federal misdemeanor and felony cases for everything from simple assault to murder.  Our criminal defense experience includes, but is not limited to,  drug cases, assault and domestic violence cases, DWI cases, intoxication assault, violations of protective orders, injury to a child, elderly or disabled person, child abuse, sex crimes, criminal mischief, bridge cases, white collar crimes, probation revocations, burglaries and robberies.   We also handle matters associated with criminal cases such as early termination or modification of probation, expunctions of criminal records, petitions for nondisclosure of offenses for which deferred adjudication probation was completed and which are otherwise eligible; or under recent changes in the law, nondisclosures in some cases where a conviction resulted, and occupational driver’s licenses associated with administrative suspensions or with convictions related to driving while intoxicated.   

From the client's perspective, apart from selecting an excellent lawyer, the most important thing to remember is to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Even in jail all of your visits and telephone calls will be recorded and used against you at trial. Do not talk about the facts of the case with anybody except your lawyer. Your cell mates will roll over on you in a second in order to get a better deal for themselves. Just keep your mouth shut. For more information about criminal cases, click here.

Family Law

At Hernandez & Hernandez we are a husband and wife attorney couple with over 25 years of experience.
 We work on all of our cases together and handle all types of family law matters including but not limited to divorces, protective orders, terminations and adoptions, custody disputes and child support cases. If representation is required, we provide it."
Our Firm handles all kinds of divorces and custody cases. Hernandez & Hernandez handles everything from simple and uncontested divorces and custody cases to very contentious disputes over children and property. We are experienced both in interstate abduction cases where parents flee out of state with children and in in-town cases in which parents bring children to El Paso from out of state.

At Hernandez & Hernandez we offer a broad range of representation in child support related cases. We handle standard Attorney General cases as well as interstate cases under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act ("UIFSA"). Whether the issue is current child support, retroactive support, a child support arrearage, military child support, support from Social Security, paternity testing or imprisonment for failure to pay child support, our firm will be there by your side to explain the process to you and to try to get the best possible outcome for you.

If termination of parental rights and step-parent adoption is what you seek, Hernandez and
Hernandez can guide you through the many steps of the process including voluntary relinquishment, criminal background check, home study, interview with the child's attorney ad litem, notice by publication when necessary, and the final hearing.  Likewise, under amendments to the Texas Family Code made in 2011,  we can now handle terminations of paternity in cases where the legal father is not the biological father of the child.

Finally, if you are facing a protective order case, it is critically important that you contact a knowledgeable attorney immediately before you do or say anything or even go to your first hearing. The ramifications of allowing a protective order to be put in place or appearing at a protective order hearing without an attorney can be quite severe. Violation of a Protective Order is a criminal offense.  Once a Protective Order is in effect, any alleged violation of the protective order will be treated as a criminal offense, and you will likely be arrested.  As soon as you learn that someone is seeking a protective order against you, lawyer up immediately.  For more information about family law cases, click here.

Child Protective Services

At Hernandez & Hernandez we understand the trauma that parents go through when Child Protective Services removes or threatens to remove their children and accuses the parents of child abuse or neglect. It doesn't help that literally anyone can make an allegation and CPS is prohibited by law from revealing the reporter's identity. If you are facing such an allegation, the time to speak to a knowledgeable attorney is as soon as you hear the mention of CPS. Do NOT wait until CPS is at your door or already taking your children. Oftentimes, even in the worst of situations, removal of the children can be avoided if parents seek legal counsel when they first hear of CPS involvement. If you speak with CPS first they will try to get you to sign releases, contracts and waivers as well as to get statements from you that they may later use against you when they try to take custody of your children.

The Law Office of Hernandez & Hernandez represents parents and other family members in all elements of Child Protective Services cases including survival of the initial investigation, keeping parents' names off of the Child Abuse Registry, representation with Family Based Safety Services and representation in various lawsuits including 261 suits (suits in furtherance of CPS's investigation), 264 suits (to order a parent to do services) and 262 suits (to give CPS temporary custody of the children while parents do services and to terminate the parents' rights if they fail to do services).  It should also be noted that sometimes civil CPS cases overlap with criminal child abuse cases and that our firm has experience in handling such cases.  For more information about CPS cases, click here.

For more information, you can contact our office to schedule an initial consultation at (915) 838-0338.